This is a demonstration page for the PWB v2.05 dynamic external java commands.
Comments and suggestions welcome.

The command keywords, for example "PWBExecute", are dynamic and can be changed, or disabled via the PWB.INI per each PWB installation. This will prevent other people from using JavaScripts to change you installation.

Dummy command, sends a java dummy command to PWB. It is ignored bt PWB and is for testing.

Exit command, sends a java exit command to PWB. This command overrides the disable exit.

Actvity command, sends a java activity command to PWB to set the activity timer.
Causes a browser to start the timer.
Activity only has an effect when activity timer is used.

Execute command, excutes an application on the users computer, in this case "Notepad".

Register command, changes PWB registration number. Please note the PWB INI must not be read only.