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PWB Secure Mode

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The PWB secure mode starts an alternate Windows Desktop and opens PWB within this new Desktop. If there are any applications that start after PWB in the “normal” Windows Desktop it can switch to this “normal” Desktop leaving PWB running in the alternate Desktop.

There are a few things you can do.

1. Limit the applications that are starting with PWB at start up.
2. Use a batch file to start PWB with a delay long enough to give the other applications a chance to to start.
3. Instead of Secure Mode use the HideGUI utility available on our Downloads page to disable aspects of the “normal” Windows Desktop.

We are are getting this question more often so we are looking into ways to make Secure Mode a bit more stream lined.

Since this is an issue with the order application are starting in Windows, any other tips, tricks, or feedback is welcome.


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