PWB v3.03.5 released

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PWB v3.03.5 released

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PWB version 3.03.5 (05-22-2013) has been released and includes the following changes. See the "ReadMe.txt" file for complete change history.

Version 3.03.5 Basic 05-22-2013


Changed Favorites to also support Windows Shotcuts to applications.
Changed [MultipleHomeTabs] Home button retains home page.
Changed command line to include URLINI switch.
Changed INI switch to assume PWB folder when no path specified.
Fixed double click in address bar when maximize button is disabled.
Fixed address bar to reflect correct URL with multiple home tabs.
Fixed [Browser] StartTimersOnMouseKeyboard=True.
Fixed [Inactivity] InactivityShowDialog=False.


[Browser] DisableCtrlEnter=False
[Browser] DisableTabClose=False
[Browser] DisableScrollBars=False
[SecondWindow] StartMaximized=False
[SecondWindow] WindowHeight=
[SecondWindow] WindowWidth=
[SecondWindow] WindowTop=
[SecondWindow] WindowLeft=
[SecondWindow] DefaultZoomLevel=
[SecondWindow] MaintainZoom=False
[Security] ShowFilterStatus=False
[Security] ShowPasswordDialog=
[Security] Password=
[Overrides] DisableFilters=
[Overrides] ShowAddressBar=
[Overrides] ReReadINIFile=
[Overrides] OverrideURLKeyword=
[Addons] See PWB add-on ReadMe.txt