PWB v3.03.6 Released

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PWB v3.03.6 Released

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PWB version 3.03.6 (08-27-2013) has been released and includes the following changes. See the "ReadMe.txt" file for complete change history.

Version 3.03.6 Basic 08-27-2013


Changed to 32X32 pixel icons to accommodate Shellbar.
Fixed Mapquest Print broken in PWB 3.03.5.
Fixed [Security]ShowAccessDialog=False.
Change "Home" action to close tabs and navigate home for timers.
CHanged Mousewheel scroll resets inactivity timer
Fixed Status bar time showing when timers not set.
Changed to auto sizing of status bar text.
Changed to navigate to About:Blank before closing tab to avoid web site closing issues.
Fixed Internet Explorer 10 detection.
Changed to included 64 bit version of EXE file.


[Browser] ShowShellBar=True Show shellbar.
[Browser] ShowStatusBarTime=True Show current time on status bar.
[Browser] StatusBarTimeWidth=120 Status bar time slot width.
[Browser] StatusBarTimeFormat=%d-%b-%Y %I:%M %p Sets status bar time and date format.
[Browser] SecureModeDelayStart= Delays in seconds time to start browser in secure mode.
[SecondWindow] DisableUnrequested=False Disable unrequested windows and tabs.
[SecondWindow] DisableShiftClick=False Disables Shift Click to open new windows.
[SecondWindow] OpenInParentWindow=False Opens all new windows in current window.
[Buttons] Popup=True Enables popup and new tab button toggle.
[Dialogs] ShowPopupMessage=True Shows popup message dialog.
[Files] PopupOnButtonFile= HTML message file for ShowPopupMessage On.
[Files] PopupOnButtoffFile= HTML message file for ShowPopupMessage Off.
[Files] ShellBar=Shellbar Folder containing Windows and/or URL Shortcuts
[ToolBars] ShellBarBreak=False Add break before Shellbar.
[ToolBars] ShellBarGripper=True Show Shellbar gripper.
[ToolBars] ShellBarWidth= Minimum width of Shellbar.
[Security] RebootOnExit=False Reboots computer when PWB is exited.
[Security] LogOffOnExit=False Logs user off when PWB is exited.
[TabNamesForced] 1=Forced Name of Tab Keys in order force tab names instead of site title.