PWB v2.11.8 Released

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PWB v2.11.8 Released

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PWB v2.11.8 (08-27-2013) has been released and includes the following changes.

Version 2.11.8


Fixed Mapquest Print broken in PWB v2.11.7
Fixed Internet Explorer 10 detection.

Added: (Hidden until version 2.12):

[Browser] EnableTheaterMode=False Enables F11 Theater mode keyboard shortcut.
[Browser] ConfirmCloseMultipleWindows=False Confirms close when multiple windows are open.
[Browser] DisableGPURendering=True Disables IE9 GPU rendering.
[Browser] DisableNewWindowInit=False Disables initializing new windows to About:Blank.
[Browser] CloseOnJavaScriptClose=False Immediately closes PWB on "javascript:window.close();".
[Files] NewWindowScript= Runs specified script when secondary window is opened.
[Files] CheckURLRedirectFile= Tab delimited list of paired URL -> redirect URL.
[Security] CheckURLRedirect=False Enable URL redirects (uses [Files]CheckURLRedirectFile=).
[Security] UseIEClearCache=False Enable Internet Explorer Clear Cache Functionality instead of PWB.
[Security] RestrictFileDownload=True Prevents file downloads not initiated by user.
[Security] EnableSecurityBand=True Enables Internet Explorer security band.
[Security] LocalMachineLockdown=True Enables Local Machine Lockdown.
[Toolbars] MenuBarLocation= Sets location on Rebar (0-5)
[Toolbars] ToolBarLocation= Sets location on Rebar (0-5)
[Toolbars] ShellBarLocation= Sets location on Rebar (0-5)
[Toolbars] AddressBarLocation= Sets location on Rebar (0-5)
[Toolbars] SearchBarLocation= Sets location on Rebar (0-5)
[Toolbars] GoButtonLocation= Sets location on Rebar (0-5)