PWB version 3.03.7 Released

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PWB version 3.03.7 Released

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Public Web Browser version 3.03.7 has been released.

This version comes in both Chrome via Chromium Embedding Framework and Internet Explorer flavors and includes the following enhancements:

Version 3.03.7 Basic 05-16-2014


Changed [Browser]SecureModeDelayStart to enabled 2 seconds when not specified.
Fixed [Security]OnlyAccessHTTP=True to prevent access to C: drive.
Defaulted Browser Emulation to default IE Compatibility mode.


[Browser] DisableDynamicMenus=False Disable dynamic cut/copy/paste buttons.
[Browser] DisableSingleWordSearch=False Disables searching on single word to allow for domain suffix.
[Browser] DisableLastTabCloseWindow=True Disables closing window when last tab is closed.
[Browser] MapOpenToAddressBar=True Causes Ctrl-O, and Ctrl-L, to focus to address bar instead displaying Open dialog.
[Browser] ShowKioskBar=False Show kiosk bar.
[Browser] AlwaysOnTop=False Force main window to be always on top.
[SecondWindow] AlwaysOnTop=False Force secondary windows to be always on top.
[SecondWindow] DisableMinimizeButton=False Disable secondary window minimize button.
[SecondWindow] DisableMaximizeButton=False Disable secondary window maximize button.
[SecondWindow] DisableMoveWindow=False Disable secondary window move.
[SecondWindow] DisableResizeWindow=False Disable secondary window resizing.
[SecondWindow] DisableTitleBar=False Disable secondary window title bar.
[SecondWindow] ShowAddressBar=True Disable secondary window address bar.
[SecondWindow] ShowKioskBar=False Disable secondary window kiosk bar.
[SecondWindow] ShowToolBar=True Disable secondary window toolbar.
[SecondWindow] ShowStatusBar=True Disable secondary window status bar.
[SecondWindow] ShowShellBar=False Disable secondary window shell bar.
[Files] NewWindowInitFile= Works with [Browser]DisableNewWindowInit=False to filter new window initialization.
[Security] EnableAlternateOverrideKeys=False Enable Ctrl-F4 to open overrides.
[MenuItem] AppOpen=True Enables App Menu Open item (Ctrl-O, and Ctrl-L).
[MenuItem] AppOpenIETab=False Enables opening IE tab in PWB CEF.
[ToolBars] AlignBottom=False Dock Toolbar to bottom of Window.
[ToolBars] KioskBarScrollBy= Scrolls windows by pixels when scroll buttons clicked.
[Buttons] Policy=False Shows Policy button on toolbar.
[MenuItems] AppSeparator2=False Shows separator between Policy and Properties.
[MenuItems] AppPolicy=False Shows Policy menu item.
[KioskButtons] Back=True
[KioskButtons] Forward=True
[KioskButtons] Stop=True
[KioskButtons] Refresh=True
[KioskButtons] Home=True
[KioskButtons] Print=True
[KioskButtons] ScrollUp=True
[KioskButtons] ScrollDown=True
[KioskButtons] Close=True