PWB version 3.04.3 CEF/IE

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PWB version 3.04.3 CEF/IE

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PWB version 3.04.3 CEF/IE (07-13-2015) has been released and includes the following changes. See the "ReadMe.txt" file for complete change history.

Version 3.04.3 Basic 07-13-2015

Fixed kiosk bar docking.
Changed to add "IE" or "CEF" to About Dialog.
Added "about" override to show About Dialog with version information.
Changed to include wait cursor in CEF.
Added nvigation error messages in CEF.
Changed to CEF3 2272 (Chrome 41)

[Browser] CheckOpenIE=False Enable Filter to check URL and open in PWB IE tab. CEF Only
[Browser] CheckOpenCEF=False Enable filter to check URL and open in PWB CEF tab. CEF only
[SecondWindow] NewPageAsHome=False Enable "Home" button navigates to new window/tab URL instead of Home URL.
[Files] CheckOpenIEFile= Filter file for [Browser]CheckOpenIE. CEF Only
[Files] LoadErrorFile= File displayed when on browse error. Can use "

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" and "[URL]" macros for error code and URL.