PWB version 3.04.4 CEF/IE Released

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PWB version 3.04.4 CEF/IE Released

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PWB version 3.04.4 CEF/IE (09-29-2015) has been released and includes the following changes. See the "ReadMe.txt" file for complete change history.

Version 3.04.4 Basic 09-29-2015

Fixed zoom functionality in CEF.
Fixed Inactivity timer start on open in CEF.
Fixed History file when an invalid Environment Variable is specified.
Changed filter to include "=" as access modifier to deny URL without dialog.
Changed [Files]AccessMessageFile= to include URL if "[URL]" is specified in path.
Example: [Files]AccessMessageFile=[URL]
Changed Access HTML file to include filter override and URL element.

[Browser] DisableSecondInstance=TRUE Disables second instances of PWB. New instances opened as new windows.
[Security] SecondInstanceNavigateCurrent=FALSE Navigates new instance to URL in current window.
[Buttons] Zoom=False Enables Zoom button on Toolbar.
[Files] FilterDLL=
Path to Filter DLL for URL filtering.
DLL needs to export "HRESULT PWBFilterFunction(LPCTSTR pszURL)" function.
Function return S_OK (0) if URL is allowed.
Function return S_FALSE (1) if URL is disallowed.
Function return PWB_CONTINUE (2) to continue to use PWB filter.